The Best Podcasts to Listen to While Working Out

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This let’s-talk-about-romance podcast is hosted by comedian, actress and writer Nicole Byer. You’re in for a whole lot of fun as she dissects all things relationships from singledom to sexual encounters, the meaning of romance, dating, marriage and more. There should be well-defined goals and objectives affiliated with the overall company mission for introducing podcast listening at work. These guidelines will help implement and run the new podcast listening venture. The following are guidelines to help you incorporate productive podcast listening at work. When you listen to a podcast while working, one action suffers because it is difficult for the brain to multitask effectively.

You can train with the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals. This style of learning forces focus AND presents plenty of practice opportunities. Sometimes we’re looking for ways to improve how we work (not just what we’re working on) — or seeking ways to boost our well-being and find more fulfillment in our lives. But compared to the early days, I’m far more strategic about what I listen to and when. But podcasts are a remarkably different medium for consuming information.

For Noble Women: The Podcast- Femininity & Etiquette

By learning how these creators make a living with their art and creativity, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to do the same. Often you just need something to pop in your ears to help you focus while working on a less demanding (okay, mind-numbing) task. In this instance, your best bet is to choose a podcast with the specific length of time you want to dedicate to your job and force yourself to work on it for the duration. Her Accounts features relatable conversations with women who work in tax and accounting. These conversations cover the challenges of working through the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating a traditionally male-dominated field and balancing life, work, and parenthood.

9 Podcasts to Listen to While Working – Real Simple

9 Podcasts to Listen to While Working.

Posted: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

They often have interesting guests, too — media types with atypical angles on popular culture. Music is often helpful, and television is certainly too distracting, but sometimes the best thing to help accelerate your workday and focus is listening to a new podcasts. Here are some of our favorite podcasts that cover everything from motivation, to new information, and even sometimes the best kind of distraction. This podcast brings together entertaining hosts and awesome guests to create fascinating conversations about just about anything. The most recent podcast, Extraordinary Productivity (45 min.) with author Kory Kogan, might be of particular interest to all of you trying to find ways to get the most out of every day. If you just listen to one episode, I’d recommend Radiate your passion (32 min.), an inspiring interview with Elayna Fernandez who went from a homeless single mom to a successful entrepreneur.


News channels would share the information very quickly so that drivers could quickly hear the news. This is definitely not always the case, but if you want to be productive while listening to a podcast, you will have to approach it correctly, which we will discuss throughout the rest of this article. It’s hard for the human brain to multitask, and this principle is the main reason you generally shouldn’t listen to a podcast while working.

  • If you want a podcast that’ll help you relax without catching too much of your attention, The ASMR Podcast could be the way to go.
  • For example, a job that requires constant attention and requires you to adapt and think on the fly often is a job where you definitely won’t be able to listen to a podcast and still be effective at work.
  • The survey found that 85% of respondents said they listened to music while working.
  • Musicians and artists sit down to discuss their approach to songwriting in this podcast, which has more than 160 episodes.

Karen and Georgia riff back and forth on a variety of hilarious topics, discuss their love for dresses with pockets, and regularly exclaim how much they love going to therapy. They also spill the detes on two murders each Thursday and they read murders submitted by fans (dubbed murderinos) every Monday. I don’t laugh easily, but these two women have had me laughing to the point of tears more times than I can count. When establishing your podcast connect strategy, try reinforcing the positive behaviors you want to see at the workplace and emphasizing the company’s core values.

Accidental Creative

Some can help you focus intensely on your work, while others boost your creativity. You will often be distracted by talking from colleagues, noise from outside, or you simply cannot focus on your job. Keep in mind, I want to hear every detail in the podcast since it is so dense with information. When I’ve tried in the past I’ve found I have to keep rewinding. I’ll read an email and respond and realized I really didn’t hear the last 2 minutes. And people who find themselves in creative roles, who are more naturally analytically minded, can often need a hand finding the balance between thinking and doing.

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This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more. Michael interviews leading marketing experts across multiple industries and specialties. You’ll discover how successful marketers employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing. B2B Better exists to help businesses use marketing to navigate moments of change. Given how much time we spend on the internet, it pays to take a peek at the potential threats!

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I’d say my favourite topics when listening to podcasts are true crime, survival stories, mystery. I genuinely love learning about new things, though, so quite open to anything interesting. I’ve listened to quite a lot of Parcast podcasts (I know they’re not the best, but they’re easy to listen to…), and enjoyed their series about serial killers, and urban legends. Another one I’ve recently loved listening to was Children in the Pictures, which I found absolutely fascinating, though hard to listen to because of the difficult topic.

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